DCS implementation engineer


Job information

1. Responsible for the implementation of the company's DCS project;

2. Responsible for the analysis, design and testing of the company's DCS project functional modules;

3. Responsible for writing project-related project documents, process documents, etc.;

4. After the project is completed and accepted, continue to track and provide after-sales support for the problems raised by users to ensure customer satisfaction;

5. The corresponding confidentiality duties;

6. Other related tasks assigned by superiors.


1. Bachelor degree or above (excellent ones can relax);

2. Electrical, computer and related majors;

3. More than two years of working experience in industrial software;

4. Familiar with OPC/modbus/SECSGEM and other related software protocols; careful and cautious; familiar with operating systems and networks, able to complete the installation and configuration of servers and switches; have certain electrical knowledge and understand PLC;

5. Have a strong interest in technical work, have strong learning ability, stress resistance and execution ability; have teamwork spirit and collective honor.

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