Python Senior development engineer


Job information

1. Responsible for server development;

2. Able to fully understand and implement the architecture ideas;

3. Continue to transform and optimize the system architecture;

4. Write system design documents.


1. More than three years of development experience, more than two years of Python development experience;

2. Possess good basic skills, proficient in using basic data structures and algorithms;

3. Have good coding habits, clear structure, standardized naming, strong logic, and low code redundancy;

4. Familiar with Flask, Sqlalchemy framework, and in-depth understanding of framework implementation principles and features;

5. Proficiency in using python's common libraries;

6. Familiar with more than one non-relational database, such as Redis, and understand its usage scenarios and limitations;

7. Proficiency in basic Linux operation;

8. Familiar with the advanced features of Python, in-depth understanding of various design patterns and application scenarios;

9. Familiar with the front-end and back-end separation development model;

10. Familiar with TDD (Test Driven Development);

11. Familiar with Git version management tools;

other requirements:

1. Accessibility to read English help files;

2. Can adapt to occasional business trips.

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