Web The front-end development engineer


Job information

1. Build a front-end framework and be responsible for user-oriented front-end development;

2. According to product design, complete the interface layout, interactive effect development, and write reusable user interface components;

3. Cooperate with the back-end to connect the basic data and business data services of the back-end to realize the separation of front-end and back-end development;

4. Efficiently complete product data interaction and dynamic information display.

job requirements:

1. Familiar with Angular2, have project experience (preferred), can adapt to occasional business trips;

2. Familiar with unit testing and E2E testing, familiar with MVVM design pattern;

3. Familiar with Gulp/Webpackage build tools and CSS;

4. Accessibility to read English help documents;

5. Strong learning ability, strong sense of responsibility, good coding habits, strong logical thinking and abstract thinking skills, good at analysis, communication and expression.



1. Sign a formal labor contract and pay five social insurances and one housing fund;

2. Enjoy paid annual leave, statutory holidays, employee travel, outreach activities, employee birthday parties, etc.;

3. Comfortable working atmosphere and humanized management;

4. Broad development platform. The company is headquartered in Shanghai, which is the Xi'an offic under construction.

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