MES The engineer


Job information

1. Responsible for MES system development, maintenance, abnormal investigation and handling to ensure stable operation of the system;

2. Responsible for the detailed design document writing of related modules, software function development, testing, and online;

3. Participate in the demand research and system design of new projects;

4. Responsible for the interaction between systems (MES, ERP, WMS, etc.);

5. Participate in the construction of modern smart factories;

6. Provide user training and technical support.



1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 2 years of work experience;

2. Familiar with the development environment of .net, master mvc5, ef6;

3. Familiar with development syntax such as asp.net, javascript, css, html;

4. Familiar with the program development of win form, master IO file processing, multithreading, network communication, WEB API and web service call methods are preferred;

5. Familiar with sql syntax, familiar with mainstream databases such as sql server, mysql, oracle is preferred;

6. Be able to independently be responsible for the technical support and operation and maintenance of a project;

7. Experience in MES project development and implementation is preferred.

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