.NET Development engineer


Job information

1. Responsible for the design, development and testing of the company's MES project and product functional modules;

2. Responsible for project-related technical research and technical problems;

3. Write design documents and related documents;

4. Other tasks assigned.



1. More than three years of .Net (c#) development experience;

2. Familiar with design patterns and proficiently apply to suitable scenarios;

3. Familiar with WCF WebService;

4. Familiar with SQL syntax, proficient in using Oracle or SQL Server;

5. Have good coding standards and the habit of writing notes;

6. Familiar with the MES management process in the manufacturing industry, especially experience in high-tech industries such as semiconductors, electronics, and micro-assembly is preferred;

7. MES development experience, manufacturing related software development experience, equipment integration experience is preferred;

8. Experience in CamStar development and implementation is preferred;

9. To be able to cooperate with business trips, go to the customer's factory for testing.

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