MES System consultant


Job information

1. Responsible for providing customers with professional MES consultants and implementation services;
2. Responsible for the analysis of customer needs in the early stage of the MES project, formulating pre-sales solutions, and writing demand reports and solution documents;
3. Responsible for the blueprint of the MES project implementation process Design and preparation of requirements analysis documents;
4. Responsible for project implementation training for customers and support subsequent implementation and application;
5. Support input and continuous improvement of product research and development work of the department;
6. Responsible for completing MES system configuration and testing.



1. Full-time bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical, automatic control, computer, production management, etc.;

2. Familiar with relevant professional knowledge of informatization and software engineering, familiar with the production management business process and production management characteristics of manufacturing enterprises;

3. Have more than three years of .Net (c#) or JAVA development experience, familiar with design patterns and proficiently applying to suitable scenarios, familiar with WCF WebService, familiar with SQL syntax, proficient in using Oracle or SQL Server, and have good coding standards and written comments habit;

4. Have experience in the implementation of enterprise management systems such as ERP, WMS, MES, and have participated in the implementation of MES systems or engaged in related consulting workers are preferred (experience in semiconductor packaging and testing industry or MES project in process industry is preferred);

5. Clear thinking, good communication skills and written document writing skills (proficient in WORD, POWERPOIT and other office software), strong team awareness and work responsibility;

6. Able to work under pressure and adapt to long-term business trips.

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