Automatic control engineer


Job information

Job Responsibilities:

1. Assist to complete the design of pre-sale non-standard automation control scheme;

2. According to the project requirements, coordinate the team to complete the detailed design, commissioning and final delivery of the non-standard automation equipment control system and archive the technical solution, including PLC, robot, vision, SCADA and production line control subsystems;

3. Continuously communicate project requirements with customers, coordinate on-site commissioning and company design team to complete changes and modifications in the process of the project, to ensure that the project is delivered on time;

4. Responsible for completing the technical documents related to automation control, including design documents at different stages and the preparation of product manual files.



1. Have rich experience in non-standard automation project design, debugging and delivery, and have a relatively in-depth understanding of non-standard automation systems;

2. Familiar with non-standard automation equipment related SCADA software programming (C#), industrial robot programming (ABB, Epson), PLC (scimens, Mitsubishi) programming control and machine vision application technologies;

3. Ability to complete technical research and product development related documentation, equipment manuals, training manuals and other documentation, proficient in the use of English technical materials;

4. Have strong learning ability, communication ability, good teamwork ability; have a sense of responsibility and responsibility, not afraid of difficulties;

5. Have more than 2 years of project technical management and design experience;

6. Majors related to automation in 985/211 colleges are preferred.

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