The mechanical manager


Job information

1. Responsible for the preliminary evaluation, design and risk avoidance of
new projects ; 2. Responsible for planning guidance and team management of new projects;

3. Responsible for the preliminary design and planning of the new project, and lead the work arrangement of project members;
4. Responsible for the review of project structure design, drawings and other data design, and design review at each stage of the project;
5. Responsible for handling structural problems at each stage of the project;

6. Guide, deal with, coordinate and solve technical problems and difficulties in the process of the project and after-sales to ensure normal operation;

7. Responsible for the training and promotion of various skills of internal members of the department;

8. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.


1. Full-time bachelor degree or above in mechanical design and automation related majors;

2. More than 10 years of relevant work experience in non-standard automation industry;

3. Proficient in Solidworks, CAD and related office software;

4. Possess strong team management ability and technical ability, strong problem analysis and improvement ability;

5. Strong communication and coordination skills, create a good team atmosphere, and adapt to business trips.

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