Mechanical design engineer


Job information

1. According to customer requirements, carry out mechanical scheme design and risk assessment of test system equipment/automatic test tooling/test fixture;

2. Assist sales staff to complete the above equipment/tooling/fixture quotation and delivery assessment;

3. Complete the 3D and 2D design of mechanical parts, the selection of standard parts and the production of BOM on time;

4. Responsible for communication with other functional groups during the design process, and cooperate to complete the overall project design;

5. Responsible for the drawing of gas circuit schematic diagram of test system equipment/automatic test tooling/test fixture;

6. Cooperate with electrical engineers to complete the design and transformation;

7. Follow up the assembly process of the project, record and solve the problems;

8. Responsible for on-site debugging and installation of test system equipment/automatic test tooling/test fixture;

9. Guide the work of assistant engineers/technicians and track their work progress;

10. Assist in the development of related operation documents, equipment instructions and maintenance documents;

11. Other matters assigned by the superior.

Any job requirements:

1. Major in mechanical design, bachelor degree or above;

2. More than 2 years of experience in mechanical design of test fixtures/automation equipment;

3. Familiar with professional mechanical design software such as AUTOCAD/Solidworks, and office software;

4. Familiar with common mechanical standard parts knowledge, and common metal/nonmetal processing technology;

5. Familiar with test fixture development process and structure design, able to perform application analysis/tolerance analysis and probe selection;

6. Familiar with the design and development process of test systems, test fixtures and other equipment, and experience in the development of test systems and test fixtures is preferred;

7. Can understand English materials with the help of tools;

8. The ability to think independently, solve problems, and work conscientiously and responsibly.

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