Recruitment supervisor/commissioner


Job information

1. According to the company's development goals, draw up a recruitment plan;

2. Responsible for the professional management of the company's recruitment capabilities;

3. Responsible for the implementation of recruitment work, search, evaluation and other related work;

4. Responsible for staff probation period management, and summarize and evaluate the recruitment work;

5. Responsible for the construction and improvement of recruitment channels.


1. Bachelor degree or above, experience in non-standard automation industry is preferred;

2. Have more than 3 years of practical work experience in recruitment;

3. Have the ability to analyze and identify talents, and have the ability to analyze and judge calmly and objectively;

4. Have good communication skills and ability to withstand pressure;

5. Familiar with the application of recruitment channels and understand the talent map;

6. Welcome outstanding fresh graduates to join.

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