System development engineer


Job information

1. Participate in the demand investigation, analysis and import, system maintenance and development of new types of EAP related systems;

2. Complete the online implementation of the EAP project, complete the EAP system test and update in the later stage, install and maintain the EAP terminal equipment, conduct general fault analysis and problem solving;

3. Collect user requirements and develop software according to equipment documentation;

4. Participate in the testing, development, debugging, and launch of the on-site EAP system;

5. Maintain the normal operation of EAP related systems, maintain the system and handle exceptions.



1. Bachelor degree or above, computer and other related majors, proficient in reading English technical documents, EAP, FDC, APC, RMS development experience is preferred;

2. Familiar with communication protocols such as SECS/GEM and TCP/IP;

3. Proficiency in using VB, C#, and other development languages, SQL, Oracle and other database management software;

4. Possess a serious and down-to-earth working attitude; a rigorous and realistic work style; a proactive learning spirit; a good teamwork and excellent communication skills.

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