The cost of competent


Job information

1. Responsible for the management of cost team personnel, improve work methods, and guide colleagues to do cost-related work;

2. Calculate the company's various cost expenditures, do a good job of cost, expense, and inventory analysis, and propose cost/expense optimization plans;

3. Pay attention to production indicators, monitor abnormalities in daily cost data, and do a good job in cost management;

4. Continuously optimize the cost accounting process, and put forward suggestions for improvement in response to existing problems, do a good job in cost accounting and control, and promote cost reduction;

5. According to the company's organizational structure and accounting requirements, combined with product composition, participate in the formulation of cost-related master data, and maintain it in the ERP system to standardize and standardize basic data such as cost accounting and analysis;

6. Report monthly cost status to superiors and provide cost reports, and provide cost information and suggestions that are conducive to decision-making.

job requirements:

1. Intermediate and above titles are preferred;

2. Familiar with Shanghai finance and taxation regulations and financial software, and have more than 3 years of manufacturing cost accounting experience;

3. Familiar with using Kingdee K3 and other related ERP financial software;

4. Accounting experience in listed companies and high-tech enterprises is preferred.

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