Shanghai sharetek Technology Co., Ltd, established in 2007, is a high-tech enterprise dedicating researching,designing, manufacturing customized semi-automatic, fully automatic machines and production lines. Our headquarter is located in Shanghai with 6000 square meter and 3000m2 Research and Development center in Hangzhou, Xi'an and Zhuzhou.
      Our business includes general planning and designing of smart factories/institutions, layout and simulation of factories, manufacture and integration of intelligent/digital production lines; design and implementation of information projects ( such as PLM / MES / SCADA / EAP systems) ; big data collection, analysis and processing, etc.
      Shanghai sharetek has a precision in automatic / semi-automatic precision digital factory integration (including software system and hardware automation, e.g PLM / MES / SCADA / EAP system), automated assembly, test ( including functional testing, inspection ), automatic control, industrial IOT, database software, fixture development and other aspects of highly experienced technical team. We focus on the design, simulation, manufacturing, testing, operation, and maintenance, forming data loop. 
      Our main customers are in semi-conductor ( including SIP and test ),middle-low voltage,  consumer products, vehicle and medical industry. We have an experienced team on automatic assembly, functional test, machine vision,  automatic control,  database programming,  robot application etc. 

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